Company OLWEGA offers services of the authorized agent and the trustee on financing and support of investment projects in the field of creation of manufactures and in Real-Estate developer projects on the countries of the East Europe and EAEC (CIS).















Your investment should be protected and insured against possible risks, and the gradual and structured financing into investment projects interested to you is often a factor of security of invested funds and the guarantor of their subsequent return. Investments to regions of EAEC and CIS still are risk and require additional services of investment’s agent and the authorized trustee, able to help you with check of initiators the projects – applicants of investments, as well as in search of ways of stage-by-stage financing and the subsequent control over realization of projects and development of investment funds.















We are ready to support to you in from-start-to-finish individual and batch investments into various industries and economy:


  • Advice on the design decisions in the initial phase and the project implementation phase
  • Help to find the initiators and in the evaluation of an investment
  • Organization of workshops, negotiations and visit the sites of the potential investments
  • Search for suppliers and contractors
  • Consulting and support for the operational period
  • Financial and cost accounting
  • Council and business management


We also offer the services of business mediation and helping to organize the business-contacts between companies of the Czech Republic and other Eastern European and CIS countries.

Great interest in cooperation demonstrate the companies of industry (automation, electronics) and agricultural sectors, offering products and interested in raw materials from other countries.

Company OLWEGA is ready to provide the services of search of business-partners for Czech Companies: suppliers, customers and investors in East Europe, EAC and CIS countries.


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Investment agent and auditor services



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