Foundry alloys


The Company OLWEGA supplies foundry alloys, manufactured in India and China under the license and specifications of the international company ERGARDA INTERNATIONAL for foundries in Russia and Ukraine since 2012.


We have experience and we know most problems foundymen face to achieve desired results. We at OLWEGA know that each foundry has its unique production process and needs individual approach.

One of the directions of our company are focused on supply of high quality foundry alloys (inoculants and nodularisers) which are essential for iron treatment. Small addition of such alloys change properties of the smelt and allow to achieve desired mechanical properties of the castings.


We offer two kinds of foundry alloys:


ErgoMag – based on FeSi45 with Mg (FeSiMg, nodularizer).


ErgoSil – based on FeSi65 or FeSi75 (inoculant).


Our range of products is designed to fit the most commonly used foundry processes.

Our products are produced on the biggest Asian producer’s facilities. Localizations of production in Russia is in process.

Two-step quality control carried out on highly precise equipment guarantees consistency of each lot from batch to batch.

Taking into account tendency of production cost reduction our aim is to supply cast iron foundries with high quality foundry alloys at reasonable price.


All materials are certified.


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